Engaging Raise for Technology Services ensures your business to be able to implement technology solutions which can leverage your organizations overall performance, have lead over your competition, achieve faster Return on the investment.

Raise Approach
Being in business, we acknowledge that businesses need to continually monitor and change according to current market conditions to enable them as best in the business houses.

By engaging Raise, we can be your partner and can define and address your transformational needs. Once you define your business goals, we can develop strategy and can provide you various options to accomplish your goals.

Our Integrated Business Consulting and Information Technology Consulting offerings bring seamless end to end solutions for your strategic initiatives.

Business Consulting
Our Business Consulting Practice enables you to connect business with technology effectively. For addressing your business consulting needs, including but not limited to Corporate IT Strategy, Defining Vision and make sure you get maximum results by effective execution of strategy though our partners.
Information Technology Consulting
Raise provides a broad range of IT consulting in complete turnkey delivery model or Staff Augmentation service model across each of our business segments. Raise’s Global Resourcing Group enables us to source consulting resources on a just-in-time basis for both client-managed and Raise managed engagements.

Regardless of your industry vertical, we will help you move beyond mere labor arbitrage to knowledge arbitrage to cost arbitrage, with which we can deliver quality Consulting Services by tapping highly-skilled consulting resources regardless of the geographic location by leveraging our global presence.

Models we offer
Infrastructure cloud offerings
  • Onsite, Managed by Raise
  • Onsite, Managed by Customer
  • Onsite based on Staff Augmentation Model
  • Offsite, Managed by Raise or Hybrid Models
  • Onsite-Offshore Hybrid Model, Managed by Customer